Business Loans

The Application Process: Do's & Don'ts for SMEs

Business Loans

Do read our descriptive article on the difference between Merchant Advance Loans and Term Loans. This is a good start into researching the best options for your business, however we also encourage you to do further research into the topic if undecided.


Do research into Open Banking, as the decision of opting into Open Banking or not is essential to the application process. It is important to note that the speed of the loan can be greatly increased when open banking is part of the process. 


Do ensure the accuracy of your information when submitting the loan application. This makes the process easier for both our firm and yours, and improves the likelihood of receiving credit approval. 


Don’t rush the application. Santiago guarantees a credit decision within 24 hours of your application being submitted, so you can take time in reviewing and submitting the application without worrying about a lengthy wait for credit approval. 


Don’t be afraid to contact our team of professionals if you need expert advice on any aspect of the application process, including decisions to be made before submitting an application, and after the application has been submitted. Our team is available to assist small businesses constantly via email, WhatsApp and telephone. 

Don’t stress about the application process, our firm offers quick responses, simplified paperwork, and a streamlined system designed specifically for Irish SMEs. You may have dealt with applying for a loan from a bank, which can be a stressful and overbearing process, however we ensure a much easier first step in financing for Irish small business owners.