Merchant Advance Loans

Fast, simple, affordable business loans - up to €500,000 - in 24 hours

Merchant Advance Loans

What are merchant advance loans? 

Merchant Advance loans are an alternative form of short term business finance. Merchant advance loans give businesses fast and easy access to working capital. These loans are available to businesses whose primary revenue comes from card sales in person (POS machine) or online. Merchant advance loans are essentially a cash advance. This gives businesses access to a lump sum in return for a proportion of future card sales / receivables. Repayment is on a daily basis as a percentage of daily card sales. These loans are perfect for retail, restaurants, cafes, bars, aesthetic clinics, hair salons e-commerce and more.


Merchant Advance loans are perfectly suited to Irish SMEs. SMEs are the engine of the economy and represent 99.8% of all active enterprises in Ireland. These firms account for 67.8% employment and 46% of turnover. Having a healthy cash flow is fundamental to the success of SMEs.


At some point, most businesses will need an ejection of cash to relieve cash flow issues. At Santiago SME Finance, we understand why it's important to have a reliable and trustworthy funding partner. We also understand that business owners of SMEs are time sensitive and have to prioritise decision making. These businesses may need access to funding fast! They can’t afford to wait 6 weeks for approval from traditional banks. Banks in Ireland are risk averse to lending to SMEs. The process is long and drawn out and often the borrower is waiting a long time just to hear ‘no’. This is a waste of precious time from an SME business owner.


This innovative lending option means that the loan repayments are more flexible. As repayments are a percentage of card sales, when the business is earning more, it will repay more. When the business is earning less, it will be paying less. The daily percentage will continue to be taken from the receivables until the loan is fully repaid. Traditional term loan repayments can negatively impact a business’s cash flow, where repayments are a monthly chunk. 

Why get a business loan with Santiago SME Finance


Our merchant advance loans are flexible and repayments are based on your revenue. We take seasonal fluctuations into account meaning that when you are earning less, you are paying less.*a minimum daily repayment amount will apply.


We aim to have a credit decision within 24 hours* based on having received a complete application form. From time to time, we may require some more information from you which may delay the decision.


Our merchant advance loans are digital loans. The whole loan process is facilitated online. We streamlined it to make it as easy and short as possible. You can apply for our merchant loans via your computer or phone. The application form will only take you 5 minutes.

Affordable rates

We pride ourselves on our fair and affordable business loan rates.

Trusted growth partner

We want to be your go to funding partner, helping your business to reach its potential for all of your funding needs.

Less risky

The loan pays itself off automatically, no need for manual repayments and no nasty chunks!

Merchant Advance Loans are suitable to

Cash Flow

Maintaining a healthy cashflow is very important for SMEs. Many businesses at some point will need a quick cash boost injection. Merchant cash advance loans can offer a fast infusion of capital for SMEs with immediate cash flow needs.

Investment into Marketing

Effective marketing strategies enable SMEs to differentiate themselves from competitors, reach their target audience, and foster long-term customer relationships, ultimately contributing to business growth and profitability.

Equipment upgrades

Upgrading business equipment can contribute to operational efficiency, cost savings, competitiveness, and employee satisfaction, all of which are vital for the success and growth of SMEs.


A quick injection of cash provides opportunities to freshen up the space. Upgrading the premises can enhance the brand image, attract customers, boost employee morale, and support business growth and profitability. 

Hiring new staff

A new team brings fresh skills, expertise, and perspectives. This can drive innovation, improve customer service, and tackle new opportunities, ultimately propelling the business forward and supporting sustainable growth.

New premises

A business may need a short term loan to provide opportunities for expansion, reach new customer segments, increase visibility, and support business growth in new locations or markets.